Bryan is an entrepreneur, software developer, photographer, investor and business adviser with a strong operations background coupled with 16 years of startup, new media, early-stage financing, marketing, technology development, sales and real estate investment experience.



Technical Project Demo’s


Patient Management System: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux, Ruby-on-Rails

  • Patient can check into the office using facial recognition
  • Patient has access to a Patient Portal where they see their information, send their medical provider a message, request an appointment as well as see notes from their Doctor
  • Office Administration has the ability to see checked in Patients, change status of Patients from waiting to be seen, to being seen, and finally complete. Admin can also see messages sent by the Patients, and see office statistics
  • Admin Office Statistics: Office can keep track of revenue made categorized by how the patient was obtained, for advertising purposes. Expenses can be recorded and categorized.
  • Machine learning was put in place to give Admin recommendation on office should spend more

National Treasure Minesweeper 

Minesweeper styled game based on the movie National Treasure featuring Nicolas Cage: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby-on-Rails

  • Live Demo:
  • User has to avoid mines while trying to find the treasure and then solving a puzzle to move on to a more difficult level.
  • Username and score persist through a ruby-on-rails backend


Restroom locator with graffiti wall: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby-on-Rails

  • Google Maps API, Google Places API
  • Data persists based on username through a ruby-on-rails backend
  • Users can search for Pudstr locations near the location they enter
  • Users can leave messages on each Pudstr’s location graffiti wall
  • Works anywhere in the world Google has collected Places data


Mood Tracking Diary: Ruby-on-Rials, ActiveRecord, SQLite3

  • Microsoft Facial Recognition
  • Users are unique and authenticated with passwords
  • Users are able to track their moods daily by have the application take an image of them and have in analyzed by our facial recognition engine.
  • The idea here is to track a user’s emotions monthly to give them insight as to how they are doing overall with possible tips to increase their well being

Mod1 Millionaire 

Command Line Trivia Game: Ruby, ActiveRecord, SQLite3

  • Trivia game with an attitude
  • We thought it would be funny to build a game that celebrated wrong answers and ignored the correct ones.
  • We used a trivia API and a random response generator to leave the user responses
  • Users are able to enter their name and keep track of high scores

Signature Car Collection

Exotic Car Rental Website: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

  • Integrated Google Maps API, Instagram API, Twitter API, Stripe, Google Analytics, WooCommerce
  • Built a custom template to work on top of the core WordPress Installation using PHP and JavaScript
  • Designed automotive rental gallery using PHP and HTML

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